14 Tips To Be A Good Driver


We’ve all heard this a million times: don’t talk on your cell phone while driving! However, we also know that the cell phone and mobile phone industry is the worst it has ever been. Many of us have made mistakes while using our phones behind the wheel.

Most of us have been driving, and we have seen people using their cell phones when driving, and a lot of accidents have happened.

Let’s check these common bad driving mistakes we’ve all seen.

1. Use your cell phone while driving

Using a cell phone while driving is a big no-no! Just to be clear: do not use your cell phone while driving. The moment you reach for your phone while driving is the moment you become one with the car.

2. Texting while driving

When you’re in a car, the last thing you want is distractions and, the worst thing, is that you’re texting while driving. This is an obvious distraction and a big mistake. If you’re a driver, you’ll find that you should not be the driver at all. If you must text, do it at the very least while stationary.

3. Inattentive driving

This is a tricky one. You’re focused on your phone, and you’re driving. The result: you’re driving. If you’re driving on the freeway or an urban road, you’ll know this one. People also want to know Chevrolet Colorado Vs Chevrolet Silverado: What’s The Difference?

4. Lack of awareness

You’re driving. You’re driving really well. Yet, for a moment you completely miss that someone is walking in front of your car. You might miss a red light, or a stop sign. This is a mistake that is avoidable but it’s not an excuse to do it.

5. Poor attention to traffic signals

This is one of the worst driving errors and it’s not only an attention-seeking or driving mistake. If you miss a traffic signal, you’ll end up behind other drivers who will be rushing to catch up. If you miss a red light, there’s a potential collision to be careful of.

6. Brake failure

You’re driving and the red light is ahead of you. You’re driving and the left-side turn is ahead of you. You’re driving and the line of traffic isn’t moving, and you have a right turn. At this point, you don’t think anything is wrong, and you don’t even notice the stop sign. However, the traffic light turns green, and it’s too late. You’re braking so hard, and that’s when your car breaks down.

7. Cell phone and smartphone distractions

You’re driving and you’re listening to music. This is the moment you’re taking your eyes off the road and watching something instead of paying attention to your surroundings. You should always be aware of your surroundings. Even while eating, you should make eye contact with your eating partner.

8. Poor lane-changing

This one is very risky! You might see someone on the road and think, I will use that as a way to make a turn. So you swerve in that direction. The result is you end up using the wrong lane. You should make a lane-change only if you’re able to do it safely. If you swerve in a lane, you’re putting yourself and others in danger. It’s better to use a lane-change only if it’s safe.

9. Poor driving skills

At times, we can just be out of focus. The fact is, we’re all human. We can’t always drive perfectly. Our reflexes and reactions aren’t always on-point. We shouldn’t drive around drunk, and we shouldn’t drive drunk, and that’s no excuse to use your phone. Even if we don’t drive well, we can always drive well. Driving badly can lead to accidents and sometimes to death.

10. Using the phone at the wrong time

At this point, we’ve learned that you shouldn’t be using your phone while driving. However, you should never use your phone at the wrong time. We often think, “let’s use it when I get to this street and the traffic is clear.” Let’s face it, that will never happen. You should have your phone handy at all times.

11. Speeding up and slowing down

Driving is not an easy thing. You might be going up a steep hill. You need to be fast. However, that doesn’t mean you should make unnecessary speed. You should only ever speed up in an emergency. This may lead to an accident. Driving in an unsafe manner, such as speeding, might result in an accident, which could be fatal. If you’re being extra careful, you’ll reach your destination without any accidents.

12. Poor vehicle maintenance

You need to ensure that your car is in good condition. You should never keep your vehicle in a low-quality condition. There is a reason that we should maintain our cars well. We need to do our best to ensure that our cars look like new. We should get the best car care so that the vehicle has no problems.

13. Distracted driving

You’re driving. You’re on the freeway. You’re in your car and you’re on the phone. The result: you’re distracted. You’re more likely to get into a car accident if you’re distracted.

14. Not staying in your lane

Staying in your lane can be a challenge. There are some people who don’t drive well. There are people who drive well and people who drive poorly. The thing is, there are people who always stay in their lane. They make good driving decisions and know their lane well. However, there are other people who stay in their lane less. They might make a lane change every once in a while. Or, they might use their cellphone.

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