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This Father’s day, Firstpost spoke to some of the known Bollywood personalities who shared their fondest memories with their father and how they inherited some of their traits.

Actor Pankaj Tripathi remembers the first time he visited a cinema theatre as a 10-year-old with his father, Pratik Gandhi shares how his father was the most liberal person he knew, Saiyami Kher’s majority of outdoor activities happened with her daddy dearest and Tusshar Kapoor’s cherish the frequent visit to the shooting locations of his father, yesteryear superstar Jeetendra, during his childhood days.

This Father’s day, Firstpost spoke to some of the known Bollywood personalities who shared their fondest memories with their father and how they inherited some of their traits.

Here’s what they said:

Pankaj Tripathi: I didn’t know that I would become an actor in cinema. I was a 10-year-old child when I went with my father to a puja ceremony of a cinema theatre. ‘Jai Santoshi Maa’ was the first film that I watched in that theatre after that ceremony.

My father never hit me, not even a slap and there was less conversation between us but I was not afraid of him. He gave me freedom. When I told him that I would go to Delhi to study acting, he gave me freedom and I have probably inherited that character from him. I don’t stop my child or anyone around me from doing what they want to do. The one who is the son today will be the father tomorrow so the son should always listen to the father and understand what he is saying because the father always wants the child to be happy.

Pratik Gandhi: I am constantly told that I am a complete reflection of my father. Whether it is my personality, emotions, or looks, I am told constantly told by my family members, my uncles, and even by a few of my friends who met my father only once or twice. Having said that, whatever I have learned in life is because of my father.

Fathers Day 2022 Bollywood celebrities remember the fondest memories with their father

He was a very simple person and he was an artist himself and that inclination towards art as a part of your life, music, dance, and appreciating the simplest and smallest thing around you is what I have seen him doing all his life. I think he was an eternally optimistic person I have met. Randomly I have heard him saying ‘sab acha Hoga’ (everything will be alright) out of nowhere even during his last time when he was suffering from blood cancer. I am sure he must be in immense pain because there were constant blood transfusions and a lot of things were happening so in that period also he would smile and say ‘don’t worry, sab theek ho Jaye Ga. ( Don’t worry, everything will be alright). Even doctors used to tell me that my father is misguiding me because reports are saying something else and whenever I ask him, he always says that I am good.

This is the kind of person I have grown with, this is the kind of warmth and this is the kind of energy that was constantly around. I lost him in 2018 but I still feel that he is constantly around me, with me, and guiding me in each and everything I do. There were a few sentences he used to say which stuck with me. I remember I used to participate in all the competitions in school and never won any prize barring one or two-second prizes in storytelling or dance competition. I heard somebody saying that it was partiality so I overheard that and I said the same word when I went back home. That was the time my father just said one line and I didn’t realize the intensity of that word at that time but over time, I realized and it changed my thought process. What he said is ‘your performance should be of that level that if anybody even wants to do partiality; they should not be able to do that.’ That changed my thought process and you win by miles

He was a teacher also so he was in a literal sense, my guru. The most liberal person I saw is my father. He always believed that we should experience everything and whenever you feel that you want to learn this, you want to try this, try it out because he said I will not be able to give you money or some legacy in terms of land or property but what I can give you or guarantee you is education.

This is what I give you and then you make your life and the same thing I apply with my parenting also. I just want to give maximum opportunity to Miraya, my daughter, and I want her to understand the pros and cons and everything and anything that she does because I know for sure that I won’t be around for the whole of her life. She should know what to do, and what not to do but at the same time be fearless. I always tell her to share everything with us because the current time is very weird. We keep hearing all negative things so we want to protect our kids but at the same, we don’t want to be so fearful that the child loses the confidence.

Aparshakti Khurana: My fondest memories are many but if I have to pick one it would be early morning runs with papa. I think I got my workaholic attitude and the desire to have a disciplined life from papa. But Arzoie is too small to inculcate those values yet and also it will always be her choice to live the life that she wants to. Message for father’s day will be to all the people who right now have second thoughts about becoming parents. I would highly recommend parenting to them because it’s bliss like no other.

Tusshar Kapoor: From the time we went on holiday together to all the times when I went to his shoots and moments when we were at home together with family, I have a lot of fond memories with my father. Even now when I spend time with my family, especially my father, it brings back old memories. When I see old video cassettes of our birthday parties and the amount our parents were involved in, those were the very fond memories.

I think I have learned a lot from my father. Though his parenting style is very different from mine, I have learned how to be patient, and how to be caring toward children because he was a very lenient father. He was never strict so I have learned the art of being very chilled from my father. I don’t have any message for Father’s day but what I would like to say is we should be sensitive to our children’s needs, and we should spend time with them as no amount of money, fame or fortune is worth time spent with your child and they need that because of that are a very important part of the upbringing. To have your parent, our primary caregiver, with you most of the time is of primary importance so my only advice is that we all need to find the best versions of ourselves as parents and try to be as close to our kids and understand them as much as possible.

Saiyami Kher: My fondest memories with my father would go back to when I was young because he is the reason why I am so outdoorsy. He taught me how to swim, play badminton, cricket, and run. Also, he used to take me up for treks and I have gone diving with him so I have done pretty much all the outdoors with him. Hence, my fondest memories are all nature and outdoor-related.

Fathers Day 2022 Bollywood celebrities remember the fondest memories with their father

One piece of advice my father gave me which helped me in long run is to believe in myself and think out of the box and I feel that’s something very important if you want to be an actor because believing in yourself is extremely important so he always kind of stress on the fact that I should do what I love doing otherwise I shouldn’t do it so I just feel that most of these things that are told to you when you are young, you don’t understand it but when you get older you understand the gravity of it so there are lot of life lessons which have kind of molded into what I am and I have got from my father. Also, one message I would like to give everyone on father’s day is that yes, it’s special and make it extra special on father day but I feel we should also celebrate our mother and father pretty much every day of the year because I don’t think any individual will become what he or she is if it isn’t for a parent.

Apart from these, actor Suniel Shetty, in one of the recent conversations with Firstpost, said how proud he is as a father as his son, Ahan Shetty has lifted his first IIFA trophy for his role in his debut film Tadap. The 26-year-old received Best Debut Actor Male for his portrayal of Ishana in Milan Luthria’s film. When asked if the 61-year-old has given any advice to his son, Suniel said, “Not be afraid of failures.”

“Be ready to learn and do what you want to do. Be happy in what you do and that’s my first advice to kids. Don’t do anything that you are not happy about. Be happy and you will automatically deliver,” he said and added that Ahaan has learned hard work from his grandfather. “And then he saw that in his father because he watched and learned and when you watch and learn is when you learn maximum. Even with Ahaan, this is his first film and I am sure with more films, you will say his better version. Falling and learning or succeeding and learning are part and parcel of life,” he said.

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