The occupation of providing security has always been a male-dominated industry wherein only males got to serve.  This included every kind of security there is from public places security to government security as well as national security. And this primarily included security guards. We have been so accustomed to the image of a male security guard that it is hard to imagine a female security guard.

However, women are totally capable of filling this role as security guards. They are strong, aware and possess every quality that there should be in a security guard. In fact, women have been filling the position of security guards quite a bit more recently. The prime example of this would be mall security wherein we can find women in security and women pursuing careers in security and contributing greatly to the security industry.

We must therefore encourage more women and insured their worker protection and acknowledge women’s strengths and women’s achievements and the advantages of women security guards and encourage women into security jobs.

Let us look at why we should employ women security guards in the future and make the security industry a more just and equal industry where woman’s jobs are paid equally as that of men and the future of security stays strong.


Let us generalise a little bit but it is in fact quite true that women are excellent at communication. From being good doctors to good psychologists as well as good customer specialists, women can perfectly fill the role and outshine everyone when it comes to communication and therefore they are perfect in the private security industry. This is because in the security industry there is a lot of communication that needs to be done between various points such as communication between security guards as well as communication with the staff of the place they are guarding. This is where women can rightfully apply their communication skills in order to build a strong surveillance system and maintain the security protocol. Communication plays a quite important role when women security guards at employed and deployed in public places wherein communication with people are necessary. Maybe some child is missing or maybe some mother needs assistance or maybe someone is being harassed, in all these situations a woman’s communication skills are essential to resolving the problem.


We know for a fact that women are empathetic and this empathy extends to understanding people and relating to their problems as well as feeling their anxiety and solving their problems. This is perfect because a security guard is there not only to secure the parameter and safeguard the premises but they also are there to take care of the residents of the area. If it is a mall or a public area then this quality of women can be seen more properly wherein they get to deal with all kinds of situations from lost children who need the compassion and calm approach that only women can provide, to helping the elderly resolve those issues. This also includes situations where someone might have lost something and they need the empathy and understanding that only a woman can provide in that situation. Women are good at multitasking and that also includes being empathetic to many situations at a single time and using a calm and level-headed approach to solving these issues.


Often times the job of a security guard is to stop and resolve conflict. There can be various types of conflicts which may require the patience that women have. For example, if we’re talking of a situation in a public place then there can be a conflict between two parties who are in an argument that has broken out about some issue and that is especially a place where women are effective because they can talk reason into the people who are angry and agitated and can help them understand the situation and resolve it. Let us take the example of an airport which has experienced a flight delay and passengers are not too happy with the delays. While a man and a women are both perfectly suited. A women security guard has an upper hand as they can use their confidence and level-headedness and patience to calm the agitated passengers. This is especially the case if the agitators are male they are more likely to listen to the woman and stop the conflict out of respect than if the security guard was a man.


This is probably one of the most important reasons why the private security industry should hire women security guards. Every industry no matter how big or small they have women working, from highly skilled industries which are technical such as chip manufacturing, vaccine manufacturing and data analysis to labour-intensive industries such as brickmaking and road making etc employ women as equals. If women are not also employed in the security industry, then that will be a bad image for the whole industry in general as the industry will be seen as backward and not progressive. Hiring women as security guards in the security industry has multiple benefits and one of the most important benefits is that it will provide a great example to young women and give them the boost of confidence to believe in themselves. They will feel if a woman can be a security guard, she can be anything. Women security guards are strong figures who are physically and mentally strong and this has a positive impact on society as they are also sisters, wives and mothers and act as a great example at home to their family members. Lastly, the main important reason is simply that equality is the way to the future and if we had to reach this future where everyone is equal, we must employ more women in the security industry.

So, this was a blog about women security guards in the private security industry and how important they are in the role that they play in providing security in various places from private residences to corporate offices as well as public places such as malls, parks etc. If you are someone who owns a business and are looking to employ women security guards then we at DMM Facility Management have some of the finest and most experienced women security guards in our arsenal. As we are the most-reputed security company in India, we keep our security services as gender-equal as possible as we try to employ talented people for all our services irrespective of their gender. We are doing our part and we would love it if you would do your part in helping women secure their future by employing them.

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