What is a WAN Virtualization and How it Helps?

WAN Virtualization technology is one of the emerging business technologies, and now it is rapidly becoming a necessity for every business. In the future, WAN Virtualization technology will be deployed more. We live in a global world, and now for us, existence would be impossible without technology because it made our work easier, better and faster, especially in business. Technologies are becoming a fundamental necessity of the entire world. But the future and the emerging technologies are coming sooner and quickly than we expect. 

No one can deny the fact that technologies are continuously revolutionizing our lives. That’s why enterprises prefer to include real-time data in their advanced technology systems nowadays. The world is moving instantly towards multifunctional technologies. One of them is WAN Virtualization. WAN Virtualization is rapidly becoming an integral part of businesses around the world. 

What is WAN? 

WAN (wide area network) is a collection of smaller networks that communicate. WAN (wide area network) covers the larger geographical area. WAN (wide area network) is being used in almost every system nowadays. Not only the work of entrepreneurs but the works of clients, students, suppliers, staff, shopkeepers, and buyers all around the world rely on WAN. World’s largest WAN is the Internet itself.

What is Virtualization?

The term “Virtualization” refers to the technology that utilizes resources bound to hardware and allows us to generate valuable IT services. It wasn’t easy to give multiple tasks to one server. Still, with the help of Virtualization technology, we can make one mail server eligible to handle numerous independent functions at a time.

It divides one mail server into two different ones. Both perform their separate tasks. It doesn’t mean that there would be two pieces of hardware; it’s just that virtualization technology uses more of it, more efficiently. Virtual WAN can also be defined with the nodes from which it is connected (topology).

What is WAN Virtualization? 

WAN Virtualization is an emerging technology that connects two or more sites using multiple links in one secure network. WAN virtualization technology uses hardware devices and software to connect different areas. We can define that WAN Virtualization technology uses hardware and software to engage two or more WAN connections. WAN Virtualization provides higher-bandwidth capacity and better reliable WAN connectivity. 

WAN virtualization technology, along with all links and routes data, across the best serving paths, also monitors traffic. WAN Virtualization technology is familiar to one of the storage technologies. That virtualization technology is named RAID (A redundant array of inexpensive disks).  

How does WAN Virtualization help?

Multiple WAN Connections

With the help of WAN Virtualization technology, network managers could use multiple WAN connections.

Service Disruption

WAN Virtualization technology overcomes the effect when the communication link of any network encounters quality deterioration. Hence, users do not experience any service disturbance due to WAN virtualization technology because WAN Virtualization is already monitoring traffic across the best serving paths of the network. Due to WAN virtualization technology, the network of any system is never down.


Every association has its network bandwidth and data traffic prioritization to complete work and complete it more efficiently. WAN virtualization technology is a considerable action to guarantee this.

Hybrid WAN

WAN Virtualization technology allows associations to create a hybrid WAN by merging their current personal systems with public broadband and internet connections. Hybrid WAN generated by WAN Virtualization works with greater efficiency. 

Saves from Loss in Business

Nowadays, there is competition in almost every field of life, especially in business. A slight delay can cause a decrease in earnings and lessen the rate of productivity in the industry. By executing WAN Virtualization technology, we can avoid this.

Network Bandwidth

Many countless systems will risk lousy execution without proper network bandwidth. But this problem can be solved with the help of WAN virtualization technology as WAN Virtualization provides higher bandwidth capacity.

Differences Can Be Handled Easily

Connections with significant differences in bandwidth can also be easily handled by WAN Virtualization technology. 

Fault-Tolerant System and Secure Network

The system will be more fault-tolerant if WAN Virtualization technology is applied. WAN Virtualization technology provides a secure network to a system. 

Advancement of WAN

Instead of expecting periodic “forklift upgrades,” WAN Virtualization allows gradual, at-your-own-pace advancement of the WAN. 

Centralization of Network Complexity

Network complexity can be centralized by WAN Virtualization technology at a few detailed data centers.

Costly Bandwidth

Due to WAN Virtualization technology, it becomes straightforward to obtain an advantage from combining a considerable proportion of economical Internet bandwidth and a minor proportion of costly private bandwidth.

User Needs 

WAN Virtualization technology is extensively adjustable because WAN Virtualization technology is designed to be modified or altered depending on user need. 

Least Chance Of Data Loss 

WAN Virtualization technology provides the system that selects the best serving paths. That’s how with the help of WAN Virtualization technology, the chance of data loss in real-time applications becomes lessened. 

Reliability with Agility

One can enjoy more reliable WAN Connections with the help of WAN Virtualization technology. WAN Virtualization technology provides a system with greater agility, which manages the system more efficiently

Cheaper Option with Faster Connectivity

WAN Virtualization technology gives cheaper higher-bandwidth capacity. That is not all! Connectivity provided by WAN Virtualization technology is acknowledged faster. 

Instant Reaction

Whenever any link failure occurs, or any network problem happens, WAN Virtualization technology reacts instantly in sub-second without delay. 

Predictability of Applications

Both session-based steering and per-packet traffic engineering are supported by WAN Virtualization technology. One of the benefits of per-packet traffic engineering is predictability for all applications.

Simplified System Yet Broader Technology

Other networks can also be assembled easily with the help of WAN Virtualization technology. That’s how WAN Virtualization technology assists businesses in generating more simplified and favorable systems. Moreover, WAN Virtualization is much broader than WAN Link Aggregation technology.

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