Which Software Development Trends Will Become Mainstream In 2022


In the world of software development, things are constantly evolving and improving. The software development industry produces new trends and technologies every few months.

That’s why some software development trends are becoming mainstream in the current decade but will be obsolete by the following decade. It’s like fashion – what’s in this year won’t necessarily be around in the next. Some technologies will fall behind in favour of others that seem more appealing or efficient.

So, if you are running a startup in the 21st century, then this is exceptionally important. You will want to find the best trends in software development in 2022 and take your company to new heights. If this is what you are looking for, then here are some software development trends that will happen in 2022.

Automated Code Reviews

A code review is an automated process that involves applying a set of rules to a source code to identify inefficient or suboptimal code.

Automated code reviews help coders to identify potential vulnerabilities and to find bugs. During the code review process, these tools display warning signs to ensure that the code meets the company’s standards. Coding review tools help in fixing bugs automatically or guide users on how to fix them.

Legacy System Migration

In computing, a legacy system is a hardware or software that is no longer supported. Even though these systems still meet the requirements for which they were designed, their technologies tend to be outdated, which causes them to:

  • Require costly maintenance
  • Data security breaches
  • Poor performance
  • Poor customer service

Legacy system migration refers to the modernization of old IT systems to the latest version of hardware infrastructure or software platform.

Prevalence of Cloud Technologies

The cloud is an efficient storage solution as well as a unique platform for generating data and innovative solutions to leverage that data.

Software companies will increasingly use cloud-native solutions to develop apps, manage teams, and communicate.

In 2025, Cybersecurity Ventures predicts there will be over 100 zettabytes (a zettabyte is one billion terabytes or one trillion gigabytes) of data in the cloud.

Adoption of Containers and Micro Services

Microservices divide an application into multiple services that perform fine-grained functions and are a part of the larger application.

A container is a package of your software that includes everything it needs to run, including code, dependencies, libraries, binaries, and more.

Enterprise environments use Kubernetes (one of the most popular frameworks) to orchestrate multiple containers.

According to experts, th companies using Kubernetes will improve. The growing number of projects calling for scalability, security, and 24/7 availability are driving its adoption.

Blockchain Adoption

Blockchain offers an alternative to traditional technologies. Even today, blockchain is used widely in a variety of fields, including finance, hospitality, and medicine. Security is one of the fundamental reasons for this.

Blockchain has the potential to transform most processes, regardless of the industry or application.

Due to their high level of security, blockchains are commonly used for data traversal in peer-to-peer networks and for storing data in transparent ledgers. As mobile applications are becoming more secure and of superior quality, a growing number of blockchain-based apps are appearing.

Cybersecurity A Major Concern

In 2021, ransomware attacks and data breaches reached a record high. Enterprise Strategy Group’s “2022 Technology Spending Intentions Survey estimates that organizations are making security a priority, as 69% strategy to extend cybersecurity funds or budget in 2022. In addition, 85% of surveyed IT decision-makers anticipate an increase of up to 50% in cybersecurity budgets in 2022.

Code Analysis Tools & Video Design Tools

The importance of code analysis tools will grow as developers start to pay more attention to improving their code quality rather than focusing on just functionality. Software development teams will depend on these tools for capturing quality attributes for every aspect of an application’s design and allowing developers to gain better insights directly from the source code, reports, and metrics. There will also be a growing need for visual design tools that allow non-programmers to view the design of online applications without having to break into any source code.

Bottom Line

It’s hard to predict the future, right? But the software development trends listed in this article are here to help you progress and achieve better results in your business.

Software development takes your business to new heights. It advances and spreads your business and enables your brand to be visible to everyone, whether through computer or mobile.

We know that most of these trends are not particularly new, and not all of them are directly related to software development. It was a great opportunity to take a look into our crystal ball and predict which trends will be mainstream in 2022. Hopefully, you find the insights interesting and useful for your software product development process.

Put them into practice and see the changes for yourself. This could be an excellent way to make your business and organisation stand out.

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