Your Summer Beard Survival Guide


Handling your beard during dog days of summer can be a task. Maintaining a healthy beard during these days can be quite difficult.

Growing and maintaining a beard in hot summer demands a lot of additional upkeep since the constant sweating collects a lot of dirt and dust around it, leading to your beard becoming fiercer and more fragile. But this does not mean that you can not keep a beard in summer.

All you need to do is take some time for it and show extra care by properly washing and moisturizing it. We share some dos and don’ts for you to help you maintain a healthy beard.

Dos to have a healthful beard

You may know how to maintain a good beard on summer days but going through some dos or tips to have a good beard is not a bad choice.

Let us have some useful dos to keep your beard healthy one.

  • Wash your beard regularly.

The summer heat will automatically make you sweat more, which means more stickiness and dampness across your facial region. Wash your beard more often than you usually do with a sulfate-free shampoo that would not dry out the skin. It will help to remove any undesirable sticky feeling and the remains that tend to accumulate in your beard. Finish with a lightweight conditioner to keep the skin and hair resilient. Be sure to use the conditioner along the beard line, where skin tends to be drier.

  • Oil your beard

The heat and continuous change of indoor and outdoor temperatures can leave your hair feeling dry. Make sure you use beard oil once per day. Quality beard oil makes for a critical product in any man’s grooming kit. It acts as a moisturizing and conditioning mechanism for your facial hair and the skin underneath, softening and taming the hairs while hydrating the skin.

  • Hydrate yourself

It is a piece of sound advice for the summer in general, but proper hydration is the basis for healthy facial hair. The summer heat causes your body to lose fluids at an increased rate, and the lack of moisture can cause your beard hair to grow crispy, making them prone to breakage. However, this is easy enough to fight, and make sure you stay hydrated by drinking lots of water.

  • Trim it

An overgrown beard can mean trouble during the summers, from a persistent feeling of irritability to itchy skin. It is best to give your beard trim, maybe 1-2 inches, to make it into a comfortable length so summers go by without any skin problems. Trimming gives your skin more access to airflow; it even makes your beard easier to clean.

We have discussed the dos to have a good beard. Now let us move forward to know what are some don’ts that you should follow for a healthier beard.

What are the don’ts?

  • Don’t forget to use sunscreen.

You must understand that the sun rays often break down hair cuticles making your hair dry and brittle. While that applies to the hair on your head, the same also goes for your beard. The solution to this lies in using sunscreen on your beard and using it on your face. Even indoors, understand that the sun rays can easily come through your windows and cause skin and hair problems. Applying sunscreen will protect your hair from the sun rays and keep your beard smooth and soft throughout the season.

  • Don’t forget to style it.

After nourishing your facial hair and skin, making your beard look lustrous and well-groomed is important. A good beard balm helps you complete that look, as it adds volume and build to your beard while also hydrating the skin and hair together.

  • Don’t skip brushing your beard.

To prevent tangles and uncomfortable beard puff, brush your beard more than you would during the cooler months. Run through your beard with a quality beard brush, which has the twin benefits of keeping your beard tangle free and exfoliating the skin underneath.

  • Don’t forget to moisten it.

Summers are when your beard is cruder than the rest of your body, and you have to use the right beard care products to give it that extra care. That is why you need to use beard oil after washing your face on your beard, and it will help detangle your hair and keep your beard moisturized throughout the day. Also, make sure you drink at least 3 liters of water every day to keep yourself hydrated.

If you are looking for some beard products, it is recommended for you to check out Mancode’s beard care products or beard grooming kit. These products will help you have a healthy beard.

This summer, beat the heat and make your beard a healthier one. Follow the dos mentioned above and don’ts, and you will be able to manage your beard.

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